“Like many of you, I was confused by all of the conflicting information about the HCG Diet. That’s why, in 2007, I began focusing my research and education on the use of hCG in weight loss. From that point forward, it became my mission to carry on and, if possible, improve upon the original work of Dr. Simeons from the 1950′s. Included in my journey has been the honor of studying with Dr. Daniel Belluscio in 2008, which encouraged my work with the HCG Diet even further.

After working with 4 different methods of administering hCG, I set out to develop a system that was more readily accessible (translation: without prescription) and achieved not only weight loss but total-body wellness, as well. This true multi-phase system became known as the HCG Weightloss System , and was designed to address a wide range of issues that I found with my patients including, blood sugar, carb cravings, digestion and more.

From there, I saw the need for a more streamlined system that could still address some of the most common issues I saw in HCG Dieters, which lead to the development of the HCG MAX Diet ® with Sta-Lean ®. I take great pride in the quality of both systems, as well as the phenomenal results they have produced.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of the HCG Diet and know that it has the ability to revolutionize weight loss and dieting.”

To your health!
Beth Golden

What trained professionals have to say about Beth’s programs:

There is much more science and history behind this program than I had ever imagined and Dr. Golden’s training explained it all very well. The follow-up web based reviews that are part of the training program have been a great help in learning more about the HCG diet program and its clinical applications. Beth’s training was delivered very well with an easy to follow format and very convenient. - Dr. Maryam Jafarieh, DC

I have already applied the knowledge of handling tough cases to some of my patients. The information was well organized and precise. The format was easy to follow. It is rare to find a program that combines this level of training, research and support. Dr. Golden delivers consistent and accurate information that allows one to access and follow with relative ease. My staff and I are already seeing the positive benefits that our patients are receiving from her program. - Dr. David Wren, DC -

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